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    1. Factions locations around the city that are chosen based off the role-play your character has chosen to live by in the city. The type of groups that would apply for faction location would be: -Gangs -Car Dealerships -Mechanics -Gun Stores -Real Estate Agents -Private Lawyer Firm -Organizations -Police Jurisdictions -Any other Legal Business (You do NOT need to be a supporter to submit a application for any of these groups unless they are a Custom Addon Location.) If you do support for your Business / Location you STILL need to apply and submit all your information to the DOJ, however that application will be instantly approved by the Staff Team. The information provided for your faction should be realistic to the roleplay your faction is providing. All factions need to bring members name and if the faction is already established information such as the address, owners information and how long it has been around will also help the approval process as well as contact information for the confirmation of approval or denial. All player-owned factions will have to pay a fee (in-game money) to get approved as long as the faction that is applying has a realistic reason to apply for approval. (For instance, a gang would only establish themselves to the D.O.J. And their members and their faction area will be appointed to them after approval. If they are supporters and supported for a HQ, they will be automatically approved, but the process still could take 12-48 hours for approval. You will be text messaged in game that you are approved. You must be in game for any approval what so ever. For Gang/Organizations Locations we will be deciding your location based on the type of roleplay you are bringing with your gang. For instance if you are a rich mafia gang, you can be in a faction area like Hollywood Hills, or Beverly Hills, or if you are a crip or blood gang, you can have a faction location area in grove. A Faction Area can be a House or Business inside that Faction Location and must be realistic for the type of roleplay your faction is providing. The way you get your faction area established will be through the D.O.J. at the Court House near Police Department. All Applications will be sent through to the Mayor's Office and Staff for approval / denial. The current rules and restrictions that apply to faction and official group role-play on Los Angeles Roleplay may be found in this thread. Changes and focus on rules have been made to prevent confusion, as well as a full reformat that is simpler for players to understand and cleaner so faction management can process modifications quickly, which aids in keeping the thread current. This topic will, of course, be updated as things change, and revisions will always be stated below as an edit reason or a separate post before being integrated into the thread to ensure everyone is informed of any new faction management rules/regulations; Upon this thread you'll find the current rules and regulations which apply to faction and official group roleplay on Los Angeles Roleplay. There have been changes and emphasis on rules to reduce confusion along with a complete reformat that's easier for players to read and also cleaner so faction management can process edits with ease which helps with always keeping the thread up to date. This thread will of course be updated from time to time as things change and updates will always be noted below as an edit reason or separate post before they're implemented into the thread to ensure everyone is aware of any new rules/regulations that have been introduced by faction management; These faction rules must be followed in addition to the official Los Angeles Roleplay regulations, which may be found by clicking here.these faction rules are to be followed along with the official set of rules for Los Angeles Roleplay which you can find by clicking here. General Faction Rules & Regulations Player-run faction Discord servers are not official True RP platforms; nevertheless, if you are discovered violating crimes in the Discords (e.g., exposing confidential information, etc. ), you WILL be punished. Owners of these faction Discords should maintain a professional demeanor; faction management maintains the authority to declare player-run Discord servers 'unofficial,' As a result, faction leaders cannot fire their members for reasons like not being linked to the IC dispatch. As a substitute, an official Faction Rank will be built. Faction Management, or at the very least the Faction Director, must have access to all of the channels in the our discord for it to be considered official. Failure to be courteous and cause other members to become hostile or disobey plain instructions may result in members of faction management removing you from the faction OOC. Always treat others as you would like to be treated. For Police Faction If the criminal tries to run, you have the option of pursuing them and stuning them with ranged weapons such as the SD Tazer or Rubber Bullets; however, if they turn around and attack you, it will not be classified as a Rushtaze since they lose that right when they initiate a foot chase. If the shooter hasn't engaged you or isn't aware of your presence, you can employ ranged takedowns from behind if you can remain undiscovered and outnumber the suspects by a 3:1 ratio. You are also not permitted to use the tazer against a suspect who's swimming, use rubber bullets instead and have another officer be nearby to RP bringing them up to the surface. Players may not abuse the emergency lines or alarms(i.e 911 or House Alarms) to bait faction members into a location for the purpose of: robbing, kidnapping or assaulting, players must use the emergency lines realistically. This also includes targeting/searching for faction members responding to 911 calls. [Refer to the 'Cop Baiting' server rule] Players may not own vehicles restricted to factions [e.g - FIB Ranchers, PD cruisers, etc] If either account is in a faction, players are not permitted to communicate with themselves on alternate accounts in any way. [For further information, see the server's regulations on metagaming.] Players may not use roleplay to compel other players to leave a faction; however, Department of Justice and/or the faction's high command reserve the authority to remove/force a player to leave a faction with proper justification and proof. Staff Members must authorize the forcible dismissal of any Faction Leader. Faction Leaders are the only members of a faction who may dismiss someone from their faction for reasons that are completely out of character, even if they are not in character. This is their option, but they must be able to prove their decisions to Faction leadership. Faction Leaders are the only members of factions that are permitted to remove someone from their faction for entirely Out of character reasons, even while they are not in character. This is their choice, but they must be prepared to back up their decisions with evidence if a Staff Member questions them. This is up to them, but they must be prepared to back up their judgments with proof if questioned by a Staff Member. In factions or formal groups, players may not sell ranks or promotions; if faction high-command members desire to rank skip their members, this must be run and authorized by the a Staff Member. Players may not be reinstated into a faction with a higher rank than 1 (R1) unless the Staff Member's appoints them to a high-command position with sufficient reasons. Players may not be invited into a faction without submitting a faction application beforehand, no exceptions. This is for valid in-character record keeping, however if a faction is being appointed new leadership due to a purge along with starting members, this rule can be excused. A player may not have leadership (leaderflag) over two factions; this also applies to having leadership of two factions or one official group and faction or more on alternative accounts. Players will be given the choice of choosing one faction they'd like to retain leadership over. If a high-command member of a faction removes a member whilst they're offline this will act as a database access revoke to said faction and the removal of usergroups and use of /ouninvite is valid if roleplayed correctly. The member who was removed was removed from the faction offline is still in possession of their faction uniform, licensed firearm, legitimate badge and they may still roleplay with those items until their next death, which they'll then be confiscated by hospital staff. An /ouninvite without roleplay is permitted only for removals caused by OOC offences (e.g rulebreaking/only having OOC strikes) Players may not abuse the faction tools, equipment or commands they're given access to, doing so will result in immediate punishment and removal from the faction. (e.g abusing the tazer gun, or EMS revive) [See the Powergaming rule on the server rules thread] Players may not give away, sell or trade equipment they're given access to in factions. (e.g weapons, police armory). Any Faction Area items should be exclusive to that faction Area and not used to sell or trade in another faction area as their own. Whereas the script prevents this, bugs may be found, you are to report the bug to a developer on Discord immediately. If any faction area is suspected of copyrighting another faction area and using their items they may report this to the D.O.J. and must provide sufficeient evidence for their case. (e.g if a Faction Area has exclusive rights to the item, weapon, It should be treated as such and traded as such) Raids on Faction HQs are no longer allowed. In reality, these offices would be closely monitored and guarded, and a full-fledged attack on one would be unrealistic. You may, however, attempt to infiltrate a faction's headquarters for proper roleplay, such as stealing information or spying. A live recruitment for a faction area may only be conducted with the Department of Justice, per approval from staff. Any faction-issued licenses (e.g., Weapon/Marijuana Licenses/Heavy Arms Licenses) must be obtained through a proper application procedure. Using the command to distribute licenses outside of the application procedure or in a corrupt manner will be regarded faction tool misuse and penalized accordingly. Licenses will only issed by a faction to factions only if that license is realistic for the roleplay that faction is providing. For instance a Heavy Licenses wouldnt be issued to a known active gang, but it could be issued to a private secruity firm along with a payment to the city or someone who has been on the police force for an extended time an has expeirence, and knowledge to have the Heavy Arms Licenses. Players can't switch factions since there's a restriction in place to avoid unrealistic misuse. To be clear, players may only have one active faction application at a time. If you want to apply somewhere else, you must withdraw your current application. After quitting a faction, a player must wait 72 hours [3 days] before applying for another faction; this period begins the moment the player uses the Job Menu and removes the job from their job list at the Job Listing center. Exceptions to the faction hopping rule can be made, and Staff Members may grant players permission to join a faction without having to wait the 72-hour period if they have good reason. For example, switching from a faction with too many members to a faction with too few members. This regulation does not apply to transfers from LAPD to LASD. Execution / Removals from Factions: A Faction Leader (Most Likely a Gang) is allowed if sufficient evidence is provided that the other faction member was in fact corrupt and going against the faction, and/or has sufficient evidence that this person was indeed causing harm to your faction to iniate an exeuction. However, that person's character will not be killed off, but must follow the server's New Life Rule and return completely as if you flew into the city. If a member of staff requests proof of the execution, the Faction Leader MUST give it. You may request removal from the D.O.J., or your Faction Leader from any faction if you need as well. (For Instance if you needed witness protection from the D.O.J. You would go through the D.O.J. with sufficent evidence of your case for safety. You can also get a name change from the D.O.J. if you need a name change to hide or get away from a known gang.) Factions allowed to have corruption and not have corruption Corruption: For the sake of the faction regulations, corruption is described as deceptive and dishonest behavior, frequently criminal, carried out in regard to one's faction membership. Just though you committed a crime as a member of a legal faction doesn't mean it was corrupt. For example, while using cocaine as a LAPD officer is unlawful and might result in you being fired/arrested, it does not constitute corruption because the offense does not directly affect your employment. All faction members are banned from engaging in blatant or exceptionally brazen acts of corruption/criminal conduct, which will be classified as Fail RP. (For Example, killing a fellow faction member inside your headquarters to hide a crime or posting on Instagram the criminal acts constantly to get caught). There should not be any Unrealistic corruption going on that would be classified as Fail RP. Think about the situation. If a Law Enforcement Agency or Government Security engaged in a shootout with anyone and injures them to the point they need a revive, as a result, those suspects may be healed by EMS and arrested for up to 30 minutes maximum. If the D.O.J. is currently active you must provide your case to them, if not you may proceed to immediate sentencing. An exception is allowed for specific people that were targeted because of a warrant, casefile, and bolos arrest. In these cases the player may be arrested for up to 2 hours (120 minutes) Players who are arrested as a result of a casefile or a large warrant may be sentenced to a maximum of one hour in jail. Faction roleplay guidelines On True RP, we roleplay in a realistic state that's heavily based on and influenced by the state of California. Our rules do not always follow the same laws and procedures as real life, instead we reserve the right to approve or deny what's realistic and fitting for the state of Los Angeles and for what is the most beneficial to the community. (For Example, we have our own constitution and we do not follow the real life US constitution, instead we follow our own regardless of what is or isn't possible in real life). Any laws taken from U.S Federal system must be clearly listed on the forum and approved by a Senior Staff Member. So bare that in mind when Senior Staff give approval and/or denial for certain situations; if it's not written in the constitution or other in-character threads or clarified in the faction rules, then the decision will rest with the staff team which will be the option that's the most beneficial for the community. Staff will then ensure it's clarified in the rules or Los Angeles Constitution for the future so confusion does not arise again. This is a way of administering less restrictive roleplay and D.O.J. exist to handle unlawful roleplay in True RP, which does not have to correlate with real-life laws. It's against the law to pretend to be a federal agency or impersonate one. This includes, but is not limited to, roleplaying or impersonating any government official. The roleplaying and faction structures have been simplified to work particularly inside a State/Local Government. In the past, the federal element has generated a lot of uncertainty and problems when it came to interactions between state and federal groups. Law enforcement officers CANNOT purposefully fabricate charges against players, and they also CANNOT arrest players for no reason. This will be seen as Powergaming, whether it is corrupt or not. Officers may, however, conduct body searches on players with legitimate probable cause or in accordance with any in-character limitations, which may result in the finding of narcotics or armament, resulting in a player's arrest. Suspects must only be charged for crimes that they have done lawfully; cops must not charge players based on assumptions; the player must have committed the crime in order to be charged;To offer players additional time in prison, charges should not be accumulated at random. When you arrest/charge a player, it's best if you have adequate proof of the offenses so you can defend yourself with crystal clear evidence in the event of a forum complaint. Factions must roleplay appropriately when using commands that force actions onto other players. (i.e handcuffs, bobbypins, ropes)The only exceptions to this rule is when cuffing someone that is already tazed or incapacitated in some way. Failure to take these actions seriously will result in a possible player ban. [See the Powergaming rule on the server rules thread] It is non-roleplay behaviour for Law Enforcement Officers to act unrealistic in serious situations such as bank robberies, terrorist incidents, hostage situations and extreme threats to national security. Faction members must do their best to keep their fellow members in mind as well as any hostages whilst roleplaying in a situation. (For Example, do not throw tear gas into the bank interior with the mindset of 'killing robbers') [See the Non-RP behaviour/Powergaming rule on the server rules thread] When a player wants to utilize game recordings or screenshots as evidence, they must first roleplay how to use and remove the media before utilizing it in-character [IC]. For example, evidence exhibits in casefiles or evidence presented in a courtroom, or anything similar. (For example, recording police brutality on your smartphone and uploading the media file to a pen drive to be used as evidence in court). When simulating the use of recording equipment such as concealed cameras (microdots), cables, and so on, the equipment must be reapplied every [24] hours, and the equipment must also be redone if a player dies or the equipment is destroyed. Any evidence recorded will be regarded invalid to be utilized in-character if equipment is not reapplied. When law enforcement officers are on duty, bodycams are immediately applied and switched on. [See the server rules thread for the Powergaming rule.] The /mask command is an OOC signal that a player has gone to great lengths to hide their identity. It isn't necessary for something to be a mask. It can be anything that conceals one's identity from obvious recognition (for example, a balaclava). Face paint, tinted sunglasses, and other such accessories are examples. Before using the /mask command, roleplay is necessary; if no roleplay is completed, the player using the /mask command will be considered to be wearing a balaclava full face covering , which may appear suspicious to law enforcement. You'll have to re-roleplay your technique of concealment if you unmask with the /mask command again, otherwise it'll be assumed to be a regular full balaclava face covering. It is recommended that you inquire on /do what the masked player has roleplayed equipping in order to avoid any false Metagaming allegations that may arise later on by mistake. If you are masked and 24 hours pass since you last roleplayed equipping your mask, you must re-roleplay equipping your mask. If you die, you must re-roleplay equipping your mask. Crashes and quick relogs are excluded and this can be confirmed by staff checking logs. It is forbidden to wear a realistic silicone mask or any other form of mask that is used to roleplay in order to make you appear like someone else rather than just hiding your identity. If a player leaves or is removed from a faction, any recording equipment becomes invalid; players must simulate storing the equipment somewhere in order to utilize it for roleplay after leaving the faction. Just a reminder that this is considered stealing and may result in penalties if found a member is using this evidence without roleplaying as storing the footage via /do or /me. Every governmental vehicle (SAPD cruisers, SAFMD, Government vehicles, SANG patriots, etc.) is equipped with 360-degree dashcams. The film might be retrieved with sufficient roleplay to determine whether screenshots are suitable for in-character use. Officers can manually switch off dashcams, but doing so might result in in-character penalties. If a player dies on the scene, but another cop examines the dashcam tape to follow up on an investigation, the officer(s) slain are unable to engage in any roleplay involving the investigation. Having a faction usergroup is considered as having in-character access to a factions database with authorized credentials; players may roleplay with any in-character information they find within databases as long as they have the usergroup and as long as the usergroup hasn't been randomly given out unfairly. It's the responsibility of those with administrative access over the faction databases (usergroup moderators) to periodically check said usergroups and ensure authorisation is given to the right individuals. If a faction is purged, the databases would automatically be wiped deeming any previous roleplay of gaining database access now invalid unless obtained through roleplay once again. With proper reasons, players/faction members can put other players on 'lockdown' for a maximum of thirty [30] minutes. This might be detention while awaiting trial [the maximum period for detention while awaiting trial is 30 minutes], questioning for a crime committed, or an official organization just holding a potential danger in captivity for roleplaying. If a player logs out before the thirty minutes are up, they can use /report for help to be freed from captivity if they are confined by gates/interiors or if the kidnappers have logged out. Players may agree to extend the thirty [30] minute limit to a time period of their choosing, keeping a player in captivity for a longer amount of time. Holding a player in captivity for more than thirty [30] minutes without a valid OOC agreement may result in punishment. [See the server rules thread for the Powergaming rule.] Players may not communicate with themselves as another account in any faction using their alternate/main account. FACTIONS Status: Active. The Los Angeles Police Department has authority over all civilians in Los Angeles when it comes to Law Enforcement matters. The Los Angeles Police Department is a State Law Enforcement agency, therefore they should to keep good relations with the Attorney General and report to them when necessary, in the absence of an Attorney General being appointed, they should report to the Governor who will automatically take over the responsibility of the Attorney General in the positions absence. The Los Angeles Police Department is not permitted to strip other faction members of their badges and order them to leave their faction [/quitfaction]. Instead, they should contact the Los Angeles Bureau Investigations/DoJ or the Judicial Department regarding corrupt faction members via the respective lawsuit and tip off forms. The Los Angeles Police Department are permitted to patrol and have authority over all of Los Angeles, excluding the yellow and redzones which are controlled and regulated by the Los Angeles National Guard(If they are active) and they may not take over any investigations or situations that transpire in said zones. Only Los Angeles Police Department High Command (Captain+) may terminate fellow members of the SAPD under the Deputy, Chief of Police's or Commander's approval; if an Officer witnesses another Officer committing a crime, they are allowed to cuff and detain that suspect until a higher ranking member of the SAPD or a member of the DHS is available to take over the investigation. They are also urged to report the incident to the Department of Homeland Security using the 'public tip-off' if any high-command aren't available. The Los Angeles Police Department has a maximum of 65 members in the department, once this cap is met, recruitment is to be closed until spaces are available. Members of the Los Angeles Police Department may be corrupt, however they must not stack charges, falsify charges or arrest individuals for no reason. [See faction roleplay guidelines] Members of the Internal Affairs department within the Police Department cannot be corrupt or they'll be stripped of their position and blacklisted from said faction. QC = "L A P D" Status: Active. The Los Angeles Fire and Medial Department is a state agency who only have authority in the medical and non law enforcement related emergency situations they respond to and events they conduct (e.g blood-drives). They may request Law Enforcement protection over said events and Law Enforcement Agencies must provide this security. The Los Angeles Fire and Medical Department should only use the licensed handguns they are given for SELF-DEFENSE. Using these handguns to assist the Police Departments in shootouts may lead to repercussions and possible in-character removal from the faction and out of character removal if the handguns are abused severely. The Fire and Medical Department may not revive a player [/userrk or /stretcher or any other form] without roleplaying beforehand, if the player is about to die then this should be considered as bleeding out, scriptwise. Once EMS have started roleplay, they may revive the player [/userrk] to continue the roleplay as not every member of the department will be able to type as fast as they'd act in real life. Reviving players for OOC reasons may result in OOC removal and treated as abuse o. QC = "EMS" Status: Active. The Los Angeles Bureau of Investigations is a State Law Enforcement Agency and the main investigative arm of the State of Los Angeles for corruption and serious felonies. The Los Angeles Bureau of Investigations has access to an array of equipment and powerful features to assist the Bureau with collecting intelligence for investigations. This technology is not disclosed publicly, but information will be displayed and shared with respective Bureau members that have the appropriate access to such equipment. If a crime is committed that is a violation of local or state the Los Angeles Bureau of Investigations may not seize control of any on-going investigations unless the investigation involves corruption. How ever they can take the lead on investigations and work along side SAPD or other Law Enforcement agencies. Actions of the Los Angeles Bureau of Investigations may be reversed (e.g roleplay/situations invalidated) if they have been found to be breaking any rules during their investigations or roleplay. Punishment is at the discretion of faction management in terms of removal depending on the rule(s) broken by said Agent. The Los Angeles Bureau of Investigations is a State Agency that operates under the authority of the Los Angeles Department of Justice and by extension the Los Angeles Governors Office. Therefor the must abide by any directives given by the Attorney General or the Governors Office within the bounds of the faction rules. This also includes any request for information from any of their usergroups. All evidence obtained must be obtained after legitimate surveillance roleplay has taken place, as per the general faction rules. Evidence and any roleplay connected with it is invalidated if proper roleplay of setting up recording or surveillance equipment wasn't done beforehand and may result in a Powergaming punishment at the discretion of administration faction management. [See the server rules thread] The Los Angeles Bureau of Investigations has a limit of [10] members and may not surpass this member cap, unless an increase is approved by the faction director. The Director and Deputy Director are included in this cap. QC = "L A B I" Status: Active The D.O.J is the city's principal government entity. They have control over the whole Los Angeles metropolitan region. They Although the D.O.J. cannot make arrests, it can order law enforcement agencies such as the the Los Angeles Police Department to do so for crimes committed. If the arrests are found to be unlawful due to the fault of a government member, the arresting officers will not be punished if they conducted the arrest properly in-character. However, if the government member is found to be abusing their power by the Judicial Department, the government member may face punishment. (For example, a court case) The D.O.J. has complete control over all groups. They cannot, however, directly employ, dismiss, demote, or promote members of other State Factions in order to balance government. The Mayors Office has the authority to issue orders to Factions that function on a state level (i.e organize events, coordinate training, provide targets for investigations and requesting any information from any state ran forum section.) The Attorney General can provide the identical directions to all law enforcement agencies for things like training, investigations, and orders. Members of other factions are required to roleplay correctly in relation to the real-life power and status of a Mayor, Attorney General, or his Executives, despite the reality that Government cannot directly fire/hire/promote/demote them. The government must finance factions Fairly; they are not permitted to be corrupt in their sponsorship of factions, nor are members permitted to steal money from the treasury for personal gain. To add charges to a suspect's profile, the Los Angeles State Government must contact a Law Enforcement Agency or the Department of Justice, and proof must be presented beforehand. The state government of Los Angeles is divided into three branches: executive, judicial, and legislative. The government cannot take over crime sites or investigations, but it can provide pertinent information and work with the Los Angeles Bureau of Investigations to set up operations. Governmental guns are only allowed to be used for self-defense or the protection of government personnel if they are classified as security. Government security personnel are allowed to use their firearms indiscriminately in the event of a direct danger to government leaders. Members of the Government faction's security force must not behave in a law enforcement-like manner. They should not stop suspects, show up at crime scenes with guns drawn, or act in any way like a police officer; instead, they should call a law enforcement agency on the departmental radio. Only carry heavy governmental armament when actively defending executive persons. Suspects who commit crimes against government personnel or property may be detained by government security until law enforcement arrives. Any LAPD or D.O.J. can be requested by the Attorney General. If the Mayor's office wishes to get information from the group, he must first contact the Attorney General. If there isn't an Attorney General appointed, the Mayor can have access until one is. At the judgment of the Faction Director, any in-character law, legislation, or executive order may be void. This option will only be used if faction management believes the legislation is unreasonable (e.g., making murder lawful) or does not match with factions' role/goal. QC = "D.O.J"
    2. Reminder everyone True-RP will be hosting a pride weekend!!! [6/18 - 6/20] 📌Friday 6/18 - @6PM PST - POSTPONED! 💠Drag Show Contest | @Pussy Palace [625] Judges: AJ, Cain, Diamond, and Ellie Mark Drag Show - Sign Up https://forms.gle/R6RAh8TEPygJ1sVi8 📌Saturday 6/19 - @6PM PST LGBTQ+ Block Party 💠On West Eclipse Blvd at postal [473/489] and [637/636] Twerk Contest Best Dressed Contest Talent Show! -https://forms.gle/qkJrFq4WnV4qvX5s7 📌Sunday 6/20 - @3PM PSTLGBTQ+ PARADE & Go Kart Race Mark 💠PARADE:@True Hotel postal [718] 💠Mark Go Kart Race: @Santa Monica postal [688] Also: Cain's Birthday is this weekend!!!! [6/19] birthday Please sign his birthday card before Saturday! I already paid so everyone can sign for free! MagicPanda Please keep the messages clean an pleasant [I can see the messages and remove rude ones before the card goes out, FYI]! Sign before Saturday at 9am EST for your message to be included. Use the arrows at the bottom of the card to find white space to add your message to the card. https://groupleavingcards.com/share/RTNV0loE2Zz
    3. Link to Rules are Below! True RP Rules ♥ | New Rules will be added below. | ♥ You may NOT have any outside shooters for warehouse robberies! Please see guidance below on whitelisted jobs: You cannot be in a whitelisted job and be in a gang on the same character. You cannot be in a police job and be in a gang on a cousin (or alternate character). You can be in a whitelisted job and do CRIME; anyone is capable of crime, as that is part of real life. However, just like in real life, if you are caught doing crime, be prepared to possibly be fired by your boss. Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion. Accepting absurd amounts of modded money will cause your account to be WIPED. NEVER accept large sums of money over 50-100million or more. ALWAYS know your source! Law Enforcement are allowed to use helmets in situations where there is more criminals involved. & they need to breach if need be because there is no leverage other than shootouts. When a robber has leverage (a hostage, or in a situation where you should fear for your life, for example), Officers must honor the demands (up to 3) as long as they are reasonable. For example, a 5 second head start, no spike strips, and so on. (Prepare someone, or two, to chase.) An officer's duty is to arrest citizens and transport them to jail using as little lethal force as possible. (Tackling, Stun Gun, Pit Maneuvers.) We want to make the robberies as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved, rather than just a shoot-and-run scenario. Whats Changing: -Only Honoring One Demand - to-Honor demands IF they have leverage or officers are fearing for their life. *An officer would fear for their life in a situation where they do not know how many people are inside, or if the suspects are not choosing to cooperate with the scene. * **You may have shootouts still in robberies (if you do not have hostages), but please note officers are able to use the necessary force to keep their units safe!** Note that not everything can be written and documented in the rules. The admin team reserves the right to judge scenarios based on the best interest of TrueRP, and the integrity of roleplay. Just Because it is not written in the rules does not mean its allowed. Use common sense. The N word with a soft A (Along with Hard R) is AGAINST the rules. We are finding this is a major issue in our community where we are all supposed to be understanding of everyone cultures and sexual orientations and this is a word that highly offends a culture / group of people. We are sorry about the hurt / pain this may have caused others. This word is now blacklisted and now a ban offense. ***NEW LIMIT: $5K hostage ransom is the new max. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❤️
    4. Hey everyone, when you fly into the city you'll now have to link your FiveM account to FiveM. To do so go to Settings, and then click on the "link" button. You'll then be asked to put in your login info or make an account. Once you do that your account should be linked. Sign Up Below! Cfx.re Community - The home of FiveM/RedM
    5. No In-My-Head Term Allowed - Make sure if you go away from the game for a second use a realistic term such as, Im making a call, or ill be in my phone. It helps people not disconnect from the active roleplay that is going on. Please keep the connection between your OOC self and your in-game character separate at all times.
    6. Folks who support True RP through Patreon get amazing gifts and perks to show how loyal they are to our community! Here are the perks below! Patreon True RP Donorbox True RP True RP Main Store Patreon True RP Donorbox True RP True RP Main Store Thank you for your amazing support! We are currently only accepting Donations via Patreon & Cash APP $Cainr96. Thank you. if you would like to add to your Patreon supporter amount you can follow this guide on doing that [url]https://support.patreon.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000126286-Update-my-membership-amount[/url] or you can always do the other methods listed above Step 1: Make sure you're in the right Tier. If you made a custom pledge, instead of joining a Tier, you'll not be assigned any Discord roles. Step 2: After you confirm your payment amount, and Tier selection, you'll be taken to your creator's Thanks page. If you're already connected to your Discord account on Patreon, click View on Discord. Step 3: If you haven't connected to Discord, clicking "Connect to Discord," will take you to the Apps tab of your profile settings page. Click the button to Connect next to Discord, and log in to your Discord account. Then go to Patreon Category in Discord and #my-gifts and read all the information! Then wait for an admin to assist you, may take 1-2 days to redeem your gift. If you supported through Donorbox, or Cash App then you will need to make a ticket on discord with your proof of purchase, and roles needed. Thank you. True RP does not offer refunds on any contributions to the server. Thank you. When you choose to support the server you understand that you are supporting the server and for it to be in the best shape all around. The gifts and rewards you receive from us are a gift from us to you for your help and support. Contact me right away for your discord role if you donated via CashApp
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      New RC Cars!

    8. True RP New Player Guide Welcome to True RP: Los Angeles, also known as True RP. In our city you are living your life as if you lived in the city of Los Angeles, CA. Please read our rules before anything. Thank you. True RP Rules Our server is a Serious RP server, its important for your character to have story line. Please read the information below. Before anything at all you need to make sure you are whitelisted to join the server, this server is only open to the public on Saturdays. If you would like to apply for whitelist you can apply by clicking here! or you can support our server as well to get whitelisted right away if you would like to do that by checking out our patreon or donor box on the front page. The characters that gamers make have always been the source of the magic in role-playing. A strong character would bring new life into the world in which they exist. Creating an RP persona, on the other hand, may seem daunting if you've never done it before. To solve this, you should concentrate on three main facets of character formation. Personality The personalities of role-playing players bring them to life. Yours must be reliable, credible, and enticing without being too optimistic. Consider how the RP character sees themselves and how they portray themselves while communicating with others while developing their personality. It's fun to experiment with a discrepancy between how the character sees themselves and how others see them. For example, one well-known streamer produced a GTA RP character who imagined himself to be a ruthless criminal mastermind and best-selling rapper. However, his/her conduct revealed that he was more of a pitiful low-life than anything else. This type of dichotomy will lead to some funny moments as well as more interesting character arcs. History Another critical aspect of developing a good role-playing identity is character biography. When you first begin, consider your character's family and the circumstances that shaped them into the person they are today. Do they have a partner? Can you have any siblings? What is the state of those relationships? What made them good, or what caused them to fail? Appearance Successful role-playing characters make use of their physical appearance as part of the narrative-creation process. However, the character's look is more than just what they wear. It also covers how they speak and how they use body language when doing so. Let your RP character stand out by using all three of these facets of presentation. Don't Be Afraid to Fail It will take some time to get used to role-playing. Don't be concerned if you aren't an expert right away. The most important thing you will do is make an attempt. With time and dedication, you will undoubtedly join the ranks of the role-playing elite. This GTA RP guide should provide you with more than enough information so you understand what we expect in True RP. We will be cracking down on any Fail RP, or lack of story lines with your characters in the city. First and foremost, you've just gotten off the plane and arrived in Los Angeles, and you're still dressed as if you're still on the plane (default clothes). The first step is to go straight to the plastic surgeon at the start location (you can skip the inital character creator At the plastic surgeon to change your character from male to female you need to go to body and change the sex from 0 to 1, this changes your character from male to female. If it doesn't work the first time try it again. You're ready to start your life once you've picked your look. Your character can choose from a variety of professions. You can work as a dancer at Vanilla Unicorn, an in-game mechanic, or even a cop to help patrol the streets. On the contrary, there is plenty of illegal work available, such as growing marijuana, farming cocaine, and robbing various locations throughout the city. You can view the job details at the job center circle, which will provide you with more information about the job! On the map, they will appear as blue briefcases. Don't forget to stop and put on your uniform before heading out to your new job, but first make sure you have your driver's license! A driver's license can be obtained at the city's corner office. When you've saved up enough money, you'll probably want to go to a bank or an ATM. Both of these will allow you to deposit your hard-earned money into your personal account while remaining safe from the streets of Los Angeles. If you choose a life of crime and villainy, please keep in mind that we have different sectors of Law Enforcement departments on the streets at all times. The Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT, FBI, and US Marshall. If you find yourself in a difficult legal situation, you can find a lawyer and hire them to represent you... for a fee or be appointed a state lawyer with the DOJ. Last but not least, we'd like to remind you of our server's rules. A complete list can be found in the Welcome tab of the forums, but we'd like to point out that we're a serious RP server, so if you're looking for a modified version of GTA Online, look elsewhere. We want our characters to have strong plot lines and relationships. True-RP.com/Rules Below is a list of commands and a quick beginner’s guide for you to peruse. Some stuff you’ll need to know in game Our server does not have an in-game world chat, the only way to communicate with an admin is through /report, but please note that staff are not always present you may need to make a ticket in our discord via #make-a-ticket channel. Please provide evidence of any report. Make use of your map. Jobs, points of interest, and services are represented by icons. Change your clothes right away. It's against the law to wear whatever you want. You can rent a car, but be sure to grab a driver’s license first, otherwise you may end up in trouble with the police. Turn voice chat on Press Escape > Settings > Voice Chat Turn it on and turn up the volume on everything. Then click N to communicate in-game. Even on the menu, you should be able to hear yourself. When your mic is broadcasting, the normal text at the bottom left changes from blue to yellow. Map with street names- We have a server side map enabled. Lighting Mods or texture mods can risk getting you Five-M banned so be careful when using them. Check your texts/notebook = OOC Chat. Look for In Character Messages You are able to get a gun license inside the ammunition store by simeons dealership inside the store in the back office. Server Rules The following is a quick rundown of the rules; nevertheless, the full rules can be found here or on the discord. RDM, VDM, racism, and OOC discussion are NEVER permitted. Names must be practical and cannot be taken from celebrities or well-known people. As soon as you enter the server, you must move out of your default skin. Don't go for the 'default Danny' look. There are still no visible body pieces. It is illegal to kill or rob in "green areas." Words that are against our rules: Words that offend mentally disabled, races and terms that offend a persons sexuality. Anywhere a person's options are limited by a menu. Restricted Zones are regions that players are not permitted to enter. Please do not enter. Fort Zancudo Military Base Helicopter/Jet Spawn Points are restricted areas. Unless serving time in prison Neither from the rooftops nor from the roadway for no reason at all. Not a single one. Often start RP before you start shooting. No In-My-Head Term Allowed - Make sure if you go away from the game for a second use a realistic term such as, Im making a call, or ill be in my phone. It helps people not disconnect from the active roleplay that is going on. Important Tools Smartwatch Your smartwatch shows all your characters status information like their health and armor, and also stress. When your character is in stressful situations it will cause them to gain stress and you will need to drink something or eat something to lower it, or do the yoga emote. You will notice your screen starts looking hazy as well if you get too stressed out! Phone Your phone is one of the most important things in True RP. Make sure to obtain one at any gas station and do not let anyone steal your phone from you! CAD System To register in the cad go to https://app.sonorancad.com/ & create an account then push Join Community! Then put our Community ID 1231 then push Join Permission key Civilian Then register your character, and your vehicles so you can avoid more fines in the city! Cuffs & Ropes You are able to cuff anyone and tie a rope to them to escort them. You must use the cuff near the person, then use the rope after. Do NOT spam the use of it otherwise it will not work, only use them once, and reuse them to de-cuff, and to let stop escorting as well True RP Specific Controls GTA Key Bindings W, S, D, A - On foot/Vehicle Navigation N - PTT Tab - Smartwatch / Hot bar F1 - Brings up your radial menu to toggle your, phone, speaker, ID, and inventory! 1-5 - Hot bar Item Select T - Open Chat to Type E in Vehicle - Horn L - Vehicle Lock System B in Vehicle - Seatbelt Y in Vehicle - Vehicle Hud Settings (Fully Customizable) G in Radio System (Must be in owned vehicle) Q in Vehicle - Radio Station O - Sell Drugs. *If you have any on you* V - Changes view. /hud - Changes view. Left Ctrl - Crouch Left Shift - Run / Sprint Left Shift + X - Open Radio Space - Jump B - Point with hand CTRL + E - Rob Someone Shift + E - to sit down on a chair Page UP / Type /ID - View IDs around you / Shows ID's around you for 10 seconds, while dead M - Open inventory P - Map X - Hold your hands up F5 - Cycle Voice Volume (Whisper, Normal, Shout) Bottom Left Corner F6 - Job Menu F10 - Hide top Right UI- Cycle Voice Volume (Whisper, Normal, Shout) Bottom Left Corner True RP Civilian Commands /report [reason] - send a report to an admin /roller - use roller skates!/leave - leave roller skates! /FPS - Increase your FPS. Example /FPS ulow, /FPS low, /FPS medium, and to reset /FPS reset /save [id] - Save your Character (Saves Autmatically every 5-10 minutes) /carry - carry other people (ONLY EMS should Use Carry)! /takehostage - take another player hostage! (Must have a weapon) /givecarkeys - give your car to the nearest player. (doesnt need to be in vehicle, just near) /me - [action] indicates what your player is doing locally. This is used primarily as to role play out situations to avoid ingame limitations. /do - [what your actively doing] usually used for picking up items or physically doing something. /shuff - Toggles swapping seats while in a vehicle. /e c or F3 Cancel - Cancel an Emote /e or F3 [emote name]- Shows a list of emotes. These can be triggered from the action menu or using this command. Money Making and RP RP is in True RP all over. We may not limit it to certain regions, and citizens can be seen in the state. In Los Angeles, there are many ways to make money. We'll go into a few of them below: Selling Drugs Working In a Gang / Org Running Illegal Weapons And More When you obtain any drugs you can sell them by pushing, O, in-game and calling an NPC to buy your drugs, they will pay different prices depending on the type of drug Weed Growing You must buy and test seeds, grow plants and sell bags to other people in the city (both AI and other players) Weed, Cocaine, Acid, LSD, Shrooms, Meth, Dabs, and ETC Requires you buy individual ingredients, go to a lab and cook or plant or obtain the ingredients, then sell to a dealer who changes location regularly Professional Thief You can rob players, several banks, and several 24-hour convenience stores in the area. Legal Jobs Uber Winemaker Job -How to do the job -How to for Electrician Job Trucking Runs are available as well and do not require a job in the city you can find the trucking run location below. Gas station Owner You can own gas stations around the city and do trucking jobs to earn money and refuel your gas stations! If a player is in-active for 3 days or longer the gas station is put up for sale so other players may own the gas station! Check around the city to see if there is any available for sale! Server Specific Laws We strive to adhere to real-world California law as far as possible, but there are certain cases where we deviate from it. These distinctions can be found in our DOJ law document in our discord DOJ tab. You can also get some quick in-game tips by seeing the “Game Tips” section in your Action Menu. How do I heal? You need to go to pillbox to heal up, or call an EMS. I think someone is breaking the rules, how do I report them? Please get as much evidence as possible and make a player report via #make-a-ticket channel to get help right away. How do I apply for a LEO/EMS position? You can make an application in the proper sections in this forum. How do I take out a fire? Buy a Fire Extinguisher at the Gun Store or Call EMS/Fire Department. [BONDS]! Non-violent criminals can be released on bond with conditions: The offense is non-violent. You have not been arrested for the same crime before. You consent to being billed a non-refundable $5000.00. You are not being verbally abusive to FBI or PD officers. If you are verbally abusive bond will be rejected for contempt. To be absolutely clear here is an example: Someone who commits a second crime for the same arrest reason is NOT eligible for bond. Ex. Theft / => illegal parking … eligible Ex. Theft/=> Theft… not eligible. The only way to get a bond off your record is to be found innocent during a court hearing or getting your record expunged via your lawyer. Bonds do not auto-expire. Law Enforcement are allowed to use helmets in situations where there is more criminals involved. & they need to breach if need be because there is no leverage other than shootouts. When a robber has leverage (a hostage, or in a situation where you should fear for your life, for example), Officers must honor the demands (up to 3) as long as they are reasonable. For example, a 5 second head start, no spike strips, and so on. (Prepare someone, or two, to chase.) An officer's duty is to arrest citizens and transport them to jail using as little lethal force as possible. (Tackling, Stun Gun, Pit Maneuvers.) We want to make the robberies as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved, rather than just a shoot-and-run scenario. Whats Changing: -Only Honoring One Demand - to-Honor demands IF they have leverage or officers are fearing for their life. *An officer would fear for their life in a situation where they do not know how many people are inside, or if the suspects are not choosing to cooperate with the scene. * **You may have shootouts still in robberies (if you do not have hostages), but please note officers are able to use the necessary force to keep their units safe!** Please do NOT do any major transactions, such as car sales, or selling vehicles before restarts, you may risk loosing your money. Do NOT trade or do anything before the restarts. Buying homes or vehicles in the city may cause issues if you have special characters in your display name or emojis, change it by going to Five-M settings! Please remember our rule: Do Not Rob in Broad Day Light. This means you shouldnt be robbing in unrealistic public areas during the day. If you want to rob someone the goal is to lure them through RP to a dark and inconspicuous areas like alley ways. Its Fail RP and RDM to go around robbing everyone you see with little to no RP at all. Also this goes for everyone, landing helicopters should only be done on helipads always. It is Fail RP and unrealistic to land them in the middle of streets or roads. Both Law Enforcement and Emergency Services personnel must be taken seriously and in character at all times. There should be no hiding from police unless you have a legitimate roleplay excuse for it. There must be a plot. Any citizen is required to stop. Traffic stops cannot escalate to shootouts, and you must remain in roleplay at all times. Failure to correctly roleplay in these situations will result in your whitelist being removed and you potentially being deported from the region. In addition to trauma and healing in the area, you must provide the EMS with appropriate roleplay for certain conditions, such as being in a car accident. This is a Serious Roleplay Community, and our team will be closely monitoring these situations. Anyone who is streaming and does not want to be copyrighted on their streams can mute the Chromium Audio in Volume Mixer! Once you mute this you wont hear any music in-game from speakers at all, but you will be able to hear everything else. Just wanted to note this. Thank you.
    9. Welcome to True RP: Los Angeles! This is a friendly community and anyone is welcomed to join! Please register on our forum! The server is currently open! you only need to be in our discord to join. True RP: Los Angeles Discord Firstly read our New Player Guide in the forums in the important announcement category! Whitelist Status: OPEN Then apply for our whitelist by starting a topic in the Whitelist Application category (Apply Now), and use the template provided. Your application will be approved in our discord within 12-48 hours! Supporters are instantly whitelisted by choosing any of our supporter tiers on our Tebex! True RP Tebex True RP: Los Angeles Discord DDoS Protection by Evolution Host Please apply via the link below Apply Now
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