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    1. Link to Rules are Below! True RP Rules ♥ | New Rules will be added below. | ♥ You may NOT have any outside shooters for warehouse robberies! Please see guidance below on whitelisted jobs: You cannot be in a whitelisted job and be in a gang on the same character. You cannot be in a police job and be in a gang on a cousin (or alternate character). You can be in a whitelisted job and do CRIME; anyone is capable of crime, as that is part of real life. However, just like in real life, if you are caught doing crime, be prepared to possibly be fired by your boss. Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion. Accepting absurd amounts of modded money will cause your account to be WIPED. NEVER accept large sums of money over 50-100million or more. ALWAYS know your source! Law Enforcement are allowed to use helmets in situations where there is more criminals involved. & they need to breach if need be because there is no leverage other than shootouts. When a robber has leverage (a hostage, or in a situation where you should fear for your life, for example), Officers must honor the demands (up to 3) as long as they are reasonable. For example, a 5 second head start, no spike strips, and so on. (Prepare someone, or two, to chase.) An officer's duty is to arrest citizens and transport them to jail using as little lethal force as possible. (Tackling, Stun Gun, Pit Maneuvers.) We want to make the robberies as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved, rather than just a shoot-and-run scenario. Whats Changing: -Only Honoring One Demand - to-Honor demands IF they have leverage or officers are fearing for their life. *An officer would fear for their life in a situation where they do not know how many people are inside, or if the suspects are not choosing to cooperate with the scene. * **You may have shootouts still in robberies (if you do not have hostages), but please note officers are able to use the necessary force to keep their units safe!** Note that not everything can be written and documented in the rules. The admin team reserves the right to judge scenarios based on the best interest of TrueRP, and the integrity of roleplay. Just Because it is not written in the rules does not mean its allowed. Use common sense. The N word with a soft A (Along with Hard R) is AGAINST the rules. We are finding this is a major issue in our community where we are all supposed to be understanding of everyone cultures and sexual orientations and this is a word that highly offends a culture / group of people. We are sorry about the hurt / pain this may have caused others. This word is now blacklisted and now a ban offense. ***NEW LIMIT: $5K hostage ransom is the new max. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❤️
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