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    True RP New Player Guide

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    True RP New Player Guide

    Welcome to True RP: Los Angeles, also known as True RP. In our city you are living your life as if you lived in the city of Los Angeles, CA.

    Please read our rules before anything. Thank you.

    True RP Rules

    Our server is a Serious RP server, its important for your character to have story line. Please read the information below.

    Before anything at all you need to make sure you are whitelisted to join the server, this server is only open to the public on Saturdays. If you would like to apply for whitelist you can apply by clicking here! or you can support our server as well to get whitelisted right away if you would like to do that by checking out our patreon or donor box on the front page.

    The characters that gamers make have always been the source of the magic in role-playing. A strong character would bring new life into the world in which they exist.
    Creating an RP persona, on the other hand, may seem daunting if you've never done it before. To solve this, you should concentrate on three main facets of character formation.


    The personalities of role-playing players bring them to life. Yours must be reliable, credible, and enticing without being too optimistic. Consider how the RP character sees themselves and how they portray themselves while communicating with others while developing their personality.

    It's fun to experiment with a discrepancy between how the character sees themselves and how others see them. For example, one well-known streamer produced a GTA RP character who imagined himself to be a ruthless criminal mastermind and best-selling rapper.

    However, his/her conduct revealed that he was more of a pitiful low-life than anything else. This type of dichotomy will lead to some funny moments as well as more interesting character arcs.


    Another critical aspect of developing a good role-playing identity is character biography. When you first begin, consider your character's family and the circumstances that shaped them into the person they are today. Do they have a partner? Can you have any siblings? What is the state of those relationships? What made them good, or what caused them to fail?


    Successful role-playing characters make use of their physical appearance as part of the narrative-creation process. However, the character's look is more than just what they wear. It also covers how they speak and how they use body language when doing so. Let your RP character stand out by using all three of these facets of presentation.
    Don't Be Afraid to Fail

    It will take some time to get used to role-playing.
    Don't be concerned if you aren't an expert right away.
    The most important thing you will do is make an attempt.
    With time and dedication, you will undoubtedly join the ranks of the role-playing elite.
    This GTA RP guide should provide you with more than enough information so you understand what we expect in True RP.

    We will be cracking down on any Fail RP, or lack of story lines with your characters in the city.

    First and foremost, you've just gotten off the plane and arrived in Los Angeles, and you're still dressed as if you're still on the plane (default clothes). The first step is to go straight to the plastic surgeon at the start location (you can skip the inital character creator
    Inital Character Creator

    At the plastic surgeon to change your character from male to female you need to go to body and change the sex from 0 to 1, this changes your character from male to female. If it doesn't work the first time try it again.

    Body Sex

    You're ready to start your life once you've picked your look.

    Your character can choose from a variety of professions. You can work as a dancer at Vanilla Unicorn, an in-game mechanic, or even a cop to help patrol the streets. On the contrary, there is plenty of illegal work available, such as growing marijuana, farming cocaine, and robbing various locations throughout the city. You can view the job details at the job center circle, which will provide you with more information about the job!

    Job Center Information Here

    On the map, they will appear as blue briefcases. Don't forget to stop and put on your uniform before heading out to your new job, but first make sure you have your driver's license! A driver's license can be obtained at the city's corner office.
    Corners Office



    When you've saved up enough money, you'll probably want to go to a bank or an ATM. Both of these will allow you to deposit your hard-earned money into your personal account while remaining safe from the streets of Los Angeles.

    If you choose a life of crime and villainy, please keep in mind that we have different sectors of Law Enforcement departments on the streets at all times. The Los Angeles Police Department, SWAT, FBI, and US Marshall. If you find yourself in a difficult legal situation, you can find a lawyer and hire them to represent you... for a fee or be appointed a state lawyer with the DOJ.

    Last but not least, we'd like to remind you of our server's rules. A complete list can be found in the Welcome tab of the forums, but we'd like to point out that we're a serious RP server, so if you're looking for a modified version of GTA Online, look elsewhere. We want our characters to have strong plot lines and relationships.


    Below is a list of commands and a quick beginner’s guide for you to peruse.

    Some stuff you’ll need to know in game
    Our server does not have an in-game world chat, the only way to communicate with an admin is through /report, but please note that staff are not always present you may need to make a ticket in our discord via #make-a-ticket channel. Please provide evidence of any report.


    Make use of your map. Jobs, points of interest, and services are represented by icons.
    Change your clothes right away. It's against the law to wear whatever you want.

    You can rent a car, but be sure to grab a driver’s license first, otherwise you may end up in trouble with the police.

    Turn voice chat on
    Press Escape > Settings > Voice Chat
    Turn it on and turn up the volume on everything. Then click N to communicate in-game. Even on the menu, you should be able to hear yourself. When your mic is broadcasting, the normal text at the bottom left changes from blue to yellow.

    Map with street names- We have a server side map enabled.

    Lighting Mods or texture mods can risk getting you Five-M banned so be careful when using them.
    Check your texts/notebook = OOC Chat. Look for In Character Messages

     You are able to get a gun license inside the ammunition store by simeons dealership inside the store in the back office.

    Server Rules

    The following is a quick rundown of the rules; nevertheless, the full rules can be found here or on the discord.

    RDM, VDM, racism, and OOC discussion are NEVER permitted.
    Names must be practical and cannot be taken from celebrities or well-known people.
    As soon as you enter the server, you must move out of your default skin. Don't go for the 'default Danny' look. There are still no visible body pieces.
    It is illegal to kill or rob in "green areas."
    Words that are against our rules:
    Words that offend mentally disabled, races and terms that offend a persons sexuality.

    Anywhere a person's options are limited by a menu.
    Restricted Zones are regions that players are not permitted to enter. Please do not enter.
    Fort Zancudo Military Base Helicopter/Jet Spawn Points are restricted areas.
    Unless serving time in prison
    Neither from the rooftops nor from the roadway for no reason at all. Not a single one. Often start RP before you start shooting.

    No In-My-Head Term Allowed - Make sure if you go away from the game for a second use a realistic term such as, Im making a call, or ill be in my phone. It helps people not disconnect from the active roleplay that is going on.

    Important Tools

    Your smartwatch shows all your characters status information like their health and armor, and also stress. When your character is in stressful situations it will cause them to gain stress and you will need to drink something or eat something to lower it, or do the yoga emote. You will notice your screen starts looking hazy as well if you get too stressed out!

    Your phone is one of the most important things in True RP. Make sure to obtain one at any gas station and do not let anyone steal your phone from you!

    CAD System

    To register in the cad
    go to
    https://app.sonorancad.com/ & create an account then push Join Community! Then put our
    Community ID
    then push Join

    Permission key

    Then register your character, and your vehicles so you can avoid more fines in the city!

    Cuffs & Ropes
    You are able to cuff anyone and tie a rope to them to escort them. You must use the cuff near the person, then use the rope after. Do NOT spam the use of it otherwise it will not work, only use them once, and reuse them to de-cuff, and to let stop escorting as well

    True RP Specific Controls

    GTA Key Bindings
        W, S, D, A - On foot/Vehicle Navigation
        N - PTT
        Tab - Smartwatch / Hot bar
        F1 - Brings up your radial menu to toggle your, phone, speaker, ID, and inventory!
        1-5 - Hot bar Item Select
        T - Open Chat to Type
        E in Vehicle - Horn
        L - Vehicle Lock System
        B in Vehicle - Seatbelt
        Y in Vehicle - Vehicle Hud Settings (Fully Customizable)
        G in Radio System (Must be in owned vehicle)
        Q in Vehicle - Radio Station
        O - Sell Drugs. *If you have any on you*
        V - Changes view.
        /hud - Changes view.
        Left Ctrl - Crouch
        Left Shift - Run / Sprint
        Left Shift + X - Open Radio
        Space - Jump
        B - Point with hand
        CTRL + E - Rob Someone
        Shift + E - to sit down on a chair
        Page UP / Type /ID - View IDs around you / Shows ID's around you for 10 seconds, while dead
        M - Open inventory
        P - Map
        X - Hold your hands up
        F5 - Cycle Voice Volume (Whisper, Normal, Shout) Bottom Left Corner
        F6 - Job Menu
        F10 - Hide top Right UI- Cycle Voice Volume (Whisper, Normal, Shout) Bottom Left Corner
    True RP Civilian Commands
        /report [reason] - send a report to an admin
        /roller - use roller skates!/leave - leave roller skates!
        /FPS - Increase your FPS. Example /FPS ulow, /FPS low, /FPS medium, and to reset /FPS reset
        /save [id] - Save your Character (Saves Autmatically every 5-10 minutes)
        /carry - carry other people (ONLY EMS should Use Carry)!
        /takehostage - take another player hostage! (Must have a weapon)
        /givecarkeys - give your car to the nearest player. (doesnt need to be in vehicle, just near)
        /me - [action] indicates what your player is doing locally. This is used primarily as to role play out situations to avoid ingame limitations.
        /do - [what your actively doing] usually used for picking up items or physically doing something.
        /shuff - Toggles swapping seats while in a vehicle.
        /e c or F3 Cancel - Cancel an Emote
        /e or F3 [emote name]- Shows a list of emotes. These can be triggered from the action menu or using this command.


    Money Making and RP

    RP is in True RP all over. We may not limit it to certain regions, and citizens can be seen in the state. In Los Angeles, there are many ways to make money. We'll go into a few of them below:

       Selling Drugs

       Working In a Gang / Org

       Running Illegal Weapons

       And More

    When you obtain any drugs you can sell them by pushing, O, in-game and calling an NPC to buy your drugs, they will pay different prices depending on the type of drug
    Weed Growing
    You must buy and test seeds, grow plants and sell bags to other people in the city (both AI and other players)
    Weed, Cocaine, Acid, LSD, Shrooms, Meth, Dabs, and ETC
    Requires you buy individual ingredients, go to a lab and cook or plant or obtain the ingredients, then sell to a dealer who changes location regularly
    Professional Thief
    You can rob players, several banks, and several 24-hour convenience stores in the area.
    Legal Jobs

    Winemaker Job

    -How to do the job

    -How to for Electrician Job

    Trucking Runs are available as well and do not require a job in the city you can find the trucking run location below.
    Trucking Runs Location

    Gas station Owner
    You can own gas stations around the city and do trucking jobs to earn money and refuel your gas stations! If a player is in-active for 3 days or longer the gas station is put up for sale so other players may own the gas station! Check around the city to see if there is any available for sale!

    Server Specific Laws

    We strive to adhere to real-world California law as far as possible, but there are certain cases where we deviate from it. These distinctions can be found in our DOJ law document in our discord DOJ tab.

    You can also get some quick in-game tips by seeing the “Game Tips” section in your Action Menu.

    How do I heal?
      You need to go to pillbox to heal up, or call an EMS.
    I think someone is breaking the rules, how do I report them?
        Please get as much evidence as possible and make a player report via #make-a-ticket channel to get help right away.
    How do I apply for a LEO/EMS position?
        You can make an application in the proper sections in this forum.

    How do I take out a fire?

        Buy a Fire Extinguisher at the Gun Store or Call EMS/Fire Department.

    [BONDS]! Non-violent criminals can be released on bond with conditions:

    • The offense is non-violent.
    • You have not been arrested for the same crime before.
    • You consent to being billed a non-refundable $5000.00.
    • You are not being verbally abusive to FBI or PD officers. If you are verbally abusive bond will be rejected for contempt.
      To be absolutely clear here is an example:

    Someone who commits a second crime for the same arrest reason is NOT eligible for bond.
    Ex. Theft / => illegal parking … eligible
    Ex. Theft/=> Theft… not eligible.
    The only way to get a bond off your record is to be found innocent during a court hearing or getting your record expunged via your lawyer. Bonds do not auto-expire.

     Law Enforcement are allowed to use helmets in situations where there is more criminals involved. & they need to breach if need be because there is no leverage other than shootouts.

    When a robber has leverage (a hostage, or in a situation where you should fear for your life,  for example), Officers must honor the demands (up to 3) as long as they are reasonable. For example, a 5 second head start, no spike strips, and so on. (Prepare someone, or two, to chase.) An officer's duty is to arrest citizens and transport them to jail using as little lethal force as possible. (Tackling, Stun Gun, Pit Maneuvers.)  We want to make the robberies as enjoyable as possible for all parties involved, rather than just a shoot-and-run scenario.
    Whats Changing:
    -Only Honoring One Demand - to-Honor demands IF they have leverage or officers are fearing for their life.

    *An officer would fear for their life in a situation where they do not know how many people are inside, or if the suspects are not choosing to cooperate with the scene. *

    **You may have shootouts still in robberies (if you do not have hostages), but please note officers are able to use the necessary force to keep their units safe!**

    Please do NOT do any major transactions, such as car sales, or selling vehicles before restarts, you may risk loosing your money. Do NOT trade or do anything before the restarts.

    Buying homes or vehicles in the city may cause issues if you have special characters in your display name or emojis, change it by going to Five-M settings!

    Please remember our rule: Do Not Rob in Broad Day Light. This means you shouldnt be robbing in unrealistic public areas during the day. If you want to rob someone the goal is to lure them through RP to a dark and inconspicuous areas like alley ways. Its Fail RP and RDM to go around robbing everyone you see with little to no RP at all. Also this goes for everyone, landing helicopters should only be done on helipads always. It is Fail RP and unrealistic to land them in the middle of streets or roads.

    Both Law Enforcement and Emergency Services personnel must be taken seriously and in character at all times. There should be no hiding from police unless you have a legitimate roleplay excuse for it. There must be a plot. Any citizen is required to stop. Traffic stops cannot escalate to shootouts, and you must remain in roleplay at all times. Failure to correctly roleplay in these situations will result in your whitelist being removed and you potentially being deported from the region. In addition to trauma and healing in the area, you must provide the EMS with appropriate roleplay for certain conditions, such as being in a car accident. This is a Serious Roleplay Community, and our team will be closely monitoring these situations.


    Anyone who is streaming and does not want to be copyrighted on their streams can mute the Chromium Audio in Volume Mixer! Once you mute this you wont hear any music in-game from speakers at all, but you will be able to hear everything else. Just wanted to note this. Thank you.

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