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    5. Reminder everyone True-RP will be hosting a pride weekend!!! [6/18 - 6/20] 📌Friday 6/18 - @6PM PST - POSTPONED! 💠Drag Show Contest | @Pussy Palace [625] Judges: AJ, Cain, Diamond, and Ellie Mark Drag Show - Sign Up https://forms.gle/R6RAh8TEPygJ1sVi8 📌Saturday 6/19 - @6PM PST LGBTQ+ Block Party 💠On West Eclipse Blvd at postal [473/489] and [637/636] Twerk Contest Best Dressed Contest Talent Show! -https://forms.gle/qkJrFq4WnV4qvX5s7 📌Sunday 6/20 - @3PM PSTLGBTQ+ PARADE & Go Kart Race Mark 💠PARADE:@True Hotel postal [718] 💠Mark Go Kart Race: @Santa Monica postal [688] Also: Cain's Birthday is this weekend!!!! [6/19] birthday Please sign his birthday card before Saturday! I already paid so everyone can sign for free! MagicPanda Please keep the messages clean an pleasant [I can see the messages and remove rude ones before the card goes out, FYI]! Sign before Saturday at 9am EST for your message to be included. Use the arrows at the bottom of the card to find white space to add your message to the card. https://groupleavingcards.com/share/RTNV0loE2Zz
    6. PARADE: @True Hotel postal [718] Go Kart Race: @Santa Monica postal [688]
    7. Twerk Contest Best Dressed Contest Talent Show! - https://forms.gle/qkJrFq4WnV4qvX5s7
    8. FoundG29

      Cains Birthday

      Tell him happy birthday quick 😁
    9. Come Join us! Judges: AJ, Cain, Diamond, and Ellie
    10. Link to Rules are Below! True RP Rules ♥ | New Rules will be added below. | ♥ Please see guidance below on whitelisted jobs: You cannot be in a whitelisted job and be in a gang on the same character. You cannot be in a police job and be in a gang on a cousin (or alternate character). You can be in a whitelisted job and do CRIME; anyone is capable of crime, as that is part of real life. However, just like in real life, if you are caught doing crime, be prepared to possibly be fired by your boss. Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion. Note that not everything can be written and documented in the rules. The admin team reserves the right to judge scenarios based on the best interest of TrueRP, and the integrity of roleplay. Just Because it is not written in the rules does not mean its allowed. Use common sense __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ❤️
    11. Hey everyone, when you fly into the city you'll now have to link your FiveM account to FiveM. To do so go to Settings, and then click on the "link" button. You'll then be asked to put in your login info or make an account. Once you do that your account should be linked. Sign Up Below! Cfx.re Community - The home of FiveM/RedM
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    13. Please cast your vote for the mayor you want to see.
    14. Tangil


    15. Los Angeles' Pop Icon Alexis Spears SOLD OUT of tickets at her recent concert on May 21, 2021. She performed four new songs {My Prerogative, Piece of Me, I Love Rock N' Roll, and Get Back} along with three of her greatest hits {Womanizer, Boys, and I'm A Slave 4 U}...RadioHead Studios plans for her next performance in June 2021! #Icon #Popstar #RadioHead
    16. No In-My-Head Term Allowed - Make sure if you go away from the game for a second use a realistic term such as, Im making a call, or ill be in my phone. It helps people not disconnect from the active roleplay that is going on. Please keep the connection between your OOC self and your in-game character separate at all times.
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